Route through the main stages of geological evolution of the volcano Etna


monte zoccolaro mappa

zoccolaro mountain map

The steep path winds up the eastern side of Etna and gives you the possibility to enjoy some of the most signi- ficant phases of Etna geological evolution:

  • Phase tholeiites Basali: eruptive period characterized by sporadic lava outpourings that occurred along linear eruptive fissures. From these eruptive fissures they were produced extensive lava flows that expanded on the ancient flood plain of the River Simeto. The outcrop best known of these ancient volcanic events are cast in “pillows” that form the rock of Aci Castello.

  • Timpe phase:┬áduring this phase occurred numerous fissure eruptions that located it mainly along this narrow elongated strip along the Ionian coast. The internal structure of this shield volcano is now exposed along the fault scarps of Timpe between Acireale and Moscarello.
  • Phase of eruptive centers of the Valle del Bove: this type of activity will lead to the formation of the first eruptive centers polygenic in Etna region, the Tarderia volcanoes, Fortresses and Trifoglietto

From a steep slope route you go up to the peak of Monte Zoccolaro which offers you a breathtaking view of la Valle del Bove and the 1991-93 lava flow. It is an ever changing landscape: the starting point of our path is characterized by a wood of trembling poplars, then there are poplars, chestnuts and apple orchards, ferns, big shrubs of dog roses, beeches and Spanish brooms are noteworthy. Etna beeches can be found here, in the southern limit of their natural habitat. When on the top of Monte Zoccolaro, you can appreciate a cross and an altar, and a picturesque view of the Valle del Bove and Val Calanna: you may gaze at the northern, southern and western faces of Etna and even the 1991-1992 lava flows. The silence of the place is only broken by the wind and the rumbles of the volcano: from here you may see the Monti Centenari and the Monte Rittman. Birds of prey are always whirling in the air and you might come across the golden eagle which has come to nest here lately