etna path

Black Mount of Zappini/ Nuova Gussonea

It is the first nature path carried out in the Park, situated on the southern side of Etna, at a few kilometers from the highest craters.     How to get Black Mount of Zappini: The place of departure is the plateau set in the west side of Monte Vetore. The path winds through the […] Read More

Malabotta's wood Etna

Etna Path- Malabotta’s Wood

Itinerary to discover the Malabotta’s Wood, one of the natural wonders of Etna   The Projected Nature Reserve of the Malabotta’s Wood was founded on the 25th July 1997 and became a Regional nature reserve managed by “Aziende Foreste Demaniali”. In this protected area, large numbers of beeches, turkey oaks, oaks, ashes, maples, chestnuts, hollies […] Read More

mountain zoccolaro

Zoccolaro Mountain- Etna path

Route through the main stages of geological evolution of the volcano Etna   The steep path winds up the eastern side of Etna and gives you the possibility to enjoy some of the most signi- ficant phases of Etna geological evolution: Phase tholeiites Basali: eruptive period characterized by sporadic lava outpourings that occurred along linear […] Read More