The nature path to Soro Mountain, the pick of Nebrodi chain


monte soro

Soro Mountain Map

It is 1847 m. high and represents the peak of Nebrodi chain.

How to get Soro Mountain

Easily reached by taking the road to Bronte and then driving past Bronte follow the direction to Cesarò, when arrived in Cesarò go on for about 10 km, till the cross-roads of Portella Femmina Morta situated along SS 289 Cesarò-San Fratello.

Soro Mountain Path

A place of extraordinary beauty and stillness, surrounded by a magnificent wood, well known also as a destination place for many excursionists where a huge sycamore, one of the greatest in Italy is a touristic attraction (over 22 m. high with a circumference of 6 m.).
In winter the place is steadily covered with snow offering a scenic and breathtaking view of great fascination. The nature itinerary to Monte Soro leads to its peak is easily accessible and its road is well indicated. Those who are keen on trekking can go through the ancient beechwood of Sollazzo Verde showing also field sycamore maples, ash trees, whitethorns and hollies. By following the same route it is possible to reach the Lago Biviere, situated in the municipality of Cesarò, a suggestive stretch of water surrounded by impenetrable and countless hydrophilous. Nearby lies the Lago Maulazzo, a small artificial lake framed by the hearth of the beechwood and made by corps of forest rangers in the 80s


If you go to Cesarò in October, go to the Feast of the Black Pig and Porcini Mushroom Nebrodi  – one of the much awaited events to promote local products nebroideo landscape, in the name of genuine flavors.
Tasting meat of black pig and porcini mushrooms from Nebrodi.
In June you can go to the
 Festival in honor of the town patron St. Calogero. Fair livestock and traditional folk event of the “Palio”.