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Starting point of the nature trail of Mount Venus is the well-known Pearl of the Mediterranean, Taormina.


monte venere mappa
Etna Venus Mount Map


Monte Venere (Venus Mount), 900 m. high in the southern offshoots of Peloritani mountains, represents the  highest peak of this area.  According to the traditions, this  mount was named after the goddess of beauty, as it is believed that a temple dedicated to the goddess stood in the neighborhood.

Starting point of the nature trail of Mount Venus is the well-known Pearl of the Mediterranean, Taormina,one of the most beautiful places on the planet, a tourist center of great importance both for its natural beauty as for its cultural and historical heritage.  From the historic centre of this town we set out on our journey to one of the most fascinating route of this region:  “The Path of the Saracens”. After going through the “Porta dei Saraceni”, we climb up to Castelmola and for about three kilometers we plunge into the lush Mediterranean scrub, enjoying the breathtaking views sweeping Giardini-Naxos bay, the imposing Etna and even Catania and Syracuse in the brightest days. In the first part of our journey we head for Castelmola, a small medieval village rich in history and sights, then we go on climbing till we reach an unsurfaced road known as “La Mulattiera di Scalazze“ leading up to the peak of Monte Venere.
From here you can take in most of eastern Sicily and Calabria coastline at a glance, enjoying a beautiful and unparalleled scenery. 

The area of Venus Mount is the best observation post for bird watching, an ideal place for paragliding and hang-gliding because of its high round hills, steep slopes and rich vegetation. The place is at easy reach by A18 motorway, exit Taormina and then follow the direction to Castelmola and after that on foot to Venus Mount.


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