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Etna and Alcantara tour

Taormina and Alcantara tour

Trekking Etna Crateri Sommitali 3300mt

Taormina and Castelmola

Etna and Taormina

Etna nature trails the southeast side of the volcano

Etna Taormina Alcantara Tour

burò pathway

Burò pathway on Etna

The path to the discovery of the typical examples of rural culture on the slopes of Etna   The Burò Pathway is situated in the northern side of Etna, in the territory of Randazzo. The path takes its name from the nearby lava flow cave, called Burò. How to get to the Burò Pathway: The starting point of the itinerary is easy to reach by A18 motorway to Fiumefreddo and to Linguaglossa Etnea. Then, half way of the main road...
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mountain zoccolaro

Zoccolaro Mountain- Etna path

Route through the main stages of geological evolution of the volcano Etna   The steep path winds up the eastern side of Etna and gives you the possibility to enjoy some of the most signi- ficant phases of Etna geological evolution: Phase tholeiites Basali: eruptive period characterized by sporadic lava outpourings that occurred along linear eruptive fissures. From these eruptive fissures they were produced extensive lava flows that expanded on the ancient flood plain of the River Simeto. The outcrop...
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Etna path: Sartorius Mountain

The path winds up along the north-east side of Etna and starts from Refuge Citelli.   The route begins at the Refuge Citelli accessible through Mareneve road, coming from Fornazzo or Linguaglossa, both countries at the slopes of Etna, interesting to visit before the hike. How to get to the Refuge Citelli From the Messina-Catania (A 18) exit the motorway at Giarre and follow the signs for Macchia, San Giovanni Montebello Sant’Alfio. Here joints (km. 9) follow the signs for Fornazzo...
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alcantara springs

Alcantara Springs Path

A breathtaking journey discovering the springs of the river Alcantara   The road leading to the Alcantara Springs begins from a forestry path situated near the Town of Randazzo; the starting point of the itinerary can be reached by the clearway Catania-Randazzo making a detour via Randazzo. The first stretch of the road is characterized by the typical Mediterranean vegetation which in this area takes the name of High Pasture scenery. At a short distance there is the equipped area...
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soro mountain

Path on Soro Mountain: natural area of ​​Nebrodi District

The nature path to Soro Mountain, the pick of Nebrodi chain   It is 1847 m. high and represents the peak of Nebrodi chain. How to get Soro Mountain Easily reached by taking the road to Bronte and then driving past Bronte follow the direction to Cesarò, when arrived in Cesarò go on for about 10 km, till the cross-roads of Portella Femmina Morta situated along SS 289 Cesarò-San Fratello. Soro Mountain Path A place of extraordinary beauty and stillness,...
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Itinerario Etna: Bosco della Cubania- Monte Sartorius

Bosco della Cubania – Sartorius bosco, colate, bottoniera   Il tragitto parte da una bella strada in pietra lavica che si districa tra la rigogliosa vegetazione mista dei luoghi: castagni, pini, lecci, faggi… Dopo poco più di un chilometro di percorso la carrareccia è attraversata dalla colata del 1928 (già colonizzata da forme pioniere di vegetazione) e da quella risalente all’eruzione del 1971. Il panorama improvvisamente si affaccia sulla sommità del vulcano (a ovest) e sulla costa ionica (a est)....
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