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Taormina and Alcantara tour

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Taormina and Castelmola

Etna and Taormina

Etna nature trails the southeast side of the volcano

Etna Taormina Alcantara Tour

Black Mount of Zappini/ Nuova Gussonea

It is the first nature path carried out in the Park, situated on the southern side of Etna, at a few kilometers from the highest craters.     How to get Black Mount of Zappini: The place of departure is the plateau set in the west side of Monte Vetore. The path winds through the wood showing past and recent lava flows, hornitos, natural and man-made woodland and leads to the Botanic Garden Nuova Gussonea. The route and the landscape:...
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escursione gole alcantara

Fluvial park Alcantara

The famous columnar basalt can be seen, it takes the columnar shape as the lava magmatic masse contracts as it cools while passing from fusion to solid state..   The Alcantara river represents the territorial border between the province of Messina and that of Catania. It rises in the Nebrodi mountains and is 50 km. long, then it flows into a zone between Giardini Naxos and Taormina. The lava that shapes the Alcantara canyon came from the eruptions of Etna...
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The Gurne- itinerary in the Alcantara Valley

Nature trail to discover the Gurne, the sixteen characteristic circular ponds created by the erosive action of the river Alcantara, in the homonymous nature reserve.   The Gurne are small peculiar circular shaped  lakes (diameter from 5 to 30 m. and depth from 5 to 10 m.) which fall one upon the other, and their shape is a result of the millenary and steady erosive action of the river flowing on the lava soil.  These water basins, 16 in its totality...
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venus mount sicily

Venus Mount- itinerary of Peloritani Mountains

Starting point of the nature trail of Mount Venus is the well-known Pearl of the Mediterranean, Taormina.   Monte Venere (Venus Mount), 900 m. high in the southern offshoots of Peloritani mountains, represents the  highest peak of this area.  According to the traditions, this  mount was named after the goddess of beauty, as it is believed that a temple dedicated to the goddess stood in the neighborhood. Starting point of the nature trail of Mount Venus is the well-known Pearl...
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rocca di novara

Rocca di Novara itinerary in Nebrodi Peaks

Rocca di Novara: a rocky and breathtaking place which offers interesting rock formations where limestone, sand and clay alternate.   Mountains of northeastern Sicily, which extends in a NE-SW direction from Capo Peloro to the Nebrodi Mountains, stretches for about 65 Km and its offshoots are fading in the Alcantara river valley, which flows south of Giardini Naxos and that separates Etna. The west Peloritani, at Novara and Montagna Grande Rocca, definitely alter horizontally their ridges and have their connection with...
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Malabotta's wood Etna

Etna Path- Malabotta’s Wood

Itinerary to discover the Malabotta’s Wood, one of the natural wonders of Etna   The Projected Nature Reserve of the Malabotta’s Wood was founded on the 25th July 1997 and became a Regional nature reserve managed by “Aziende Foreste Demaniali”. In this protected area, large numbers of beeches, turkey oaks, oaks, ashes, maples, chestnuts, hollies and black poplars grow wild. The wild-life is the Sicilian typical one with mammalians such as wild cats, foxes, porcupines, dormice, wild boars and quercinos....
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