The path to the discovery of the typical examples of rural culture on the slopes of Etna


sentiero burò etna

sentiero burò etna

The Burò Pathway is situated in the northern side of Etna, in the territory of Randazzo. The path takes its name from the nearby lava flow cave, called Burò.

How to get to the Burò Pathway:

The starting point of the itinerary is easy to reach by A18 motorway to Fiumefreddo and to Linguaglossa Etnea. Then, half way of the main road turn left to Piano Provenzano, after 2.5 km. when you get at a crossroads turn right following the direction to Randazzo, go along a road called “Quota mille”, which connects Linguaglossa to Randazzo.
After that go along the ESA road for about 2.2 km. till you reach a facility area called Casa ex Giusa.

The route:

The itinerary starts from here and takes over 2 kilometers. Here the landscape is characterized by terracing, narrow lanes, “trazzere“, dry stone walls. Hamlets in lave stone “casudde” and sheepfolds which are typical features of the peasant society in the region. The path ends up in a ring of lava pillars with carved numbers from 1 to 4 on them meant to signal the different points of observation from there. The vegetation of the place is characterized by euphorbia, Spanish broom, ferula and brambles which have taken the place of the previous vineyards, almond trees and orchards but the environment is enriched by the many dry lava stone walls framed by charming moss and lichen

Tips and Tools:

Given the presence of various species birds invite you to walk the path in silence, to avoid disturbing the wildlife present at the time and to observe the same by cabanas. For Birdwhatcing And ‘essential use of binoculars and telephoto lenses for better observation of the various species.